Vacation Stress

Too many times, your vacation causes more stresses than it solves.  We all have an idealistic vision of our vacation… sitting idle at the beach, watching the tide come in from between our flip-flops, with a frosty beverage by… Continue reading

Teach Yourself to Relax

Last week I had a very rewarding event – Teacher Appreciation Day at my son’s elementary school.  I got together with two other local massage therapists and offered chair massage to the employees – teachers, administrators, bus drivers and… Continue reading

Ohhh… My Aching Feet!

A common question or complaint I hear….

“I wore heels or had a standing job all my life, I have plantar fasciitis & pain everywhere, not just in my feet – now I have serious mobility issues!  Can massage… Continue reading

We’re Number 1! We’re Number 1!

We made it!  The Greater Tampa Bay Area is the #1…. most stressful city in all the land.  That’s disappointing, huh?  Sperling’s BestPlaces, a research firm that specializes in researching livability, just released their annual study. … Continue reading