Sometimes Massage Just SUCKS.

I want to say something. Sometimes massage therapy just…sucks.

This post is about a vacutherapy called Massage Cupping – and I use it every day.  Most of the clients who come in have never had it, or have heard… Continue reading

We’ve arrived!

The first weekend is under our belts.  The reaction to the new office has been very positive, once the clients got there.  I’ve ordered some flags to place at the front entrance of Park Place, which should help;… Continue reading

Coming soon to Riverview….

After 3+ years nestled within LW Hair Studio and Spa, we’re expanding AND moving to Riverview. LW (and I) will remain open at the Brandon location until Christmas Eve, then LW will (sadly) be closing. On January 1st it will… Continue reading

I’m back at work and doing well

Hello everyone!

I want to thank you all for sticking with me through my medical leave and recovery period.  I’m back 4 days a week, a schedule I’ll keep through the end of the summer, and then get back… Continue reading

New Year, New Circumstances…

So I had a pretty interesting holiday season – but the most important thing that happened with me was a discovery of a medical issue that will require surgery.  This was unexpected and unfortunately I’ve been less than successful… Continue reading

Make your holiday wishes come true

The December holiday season means stress and shopping and crazy times for most people.  It’s hard to contemplate taking an hour or two for yourself… but you should really consider it.  Think of those times when you seem… Continue reading