The judgement of her friends is coming; there’s nothing you can do about it. Don’t Stress – pass the TEST.

What not to do for Valentine’s Day…  That was the title of my latest newsletter campaign.  Here’s a sample –

Valentine’s Day…. less than a week away. Is panic starting to set in? Not knowing what to do for a gift can be STRESSFUL. I’m here to help. I have some hints for you.

Not getting her anything is a bad idea.
Spending TOO much is a bad idea.
If you get her chocolates, she might think you are either trying to sabotage whatever eating plan she is on or that you want to eat them yourself (which may be true).
If you get her a bouquet of roses or other cut flowers, sometimes watching them wilt can seem like a sad, sad metaphor.
She WILL tell her female friends what you got her, and you WILL be judged accordingly.

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This could very well be one of the posts in the massage therapy industry “Love Your Blog” February Challenge.  If so, you will be seeing a LOT more posts than usual this month.  I hope I can live up to the challenge.

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