New Office for 2023!

My last office, the lovely room inside of The Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, is no more, because the yoga studio is closing at the end of the year. However, I’ve already relocated a mile down the street to 11256 Boyette… Continue reading

Muscles VS Fascia – Tug of War

We’ve all experienced body pain and stiffness. And we often attribute it to creaky joints or “tight” muscles.

And maybe you do a quick stretch or take a collagen supplement, but you can’t quite seem to get at it.

What… Continue reading

Massage Room Tour – My Table

There’s a lot to love about my massage table set up.  The table is super soft and cushy with extra memory foam and a heating pad hiding under the easily sanitized layer, and I use wonderful Comphy Company sheets… Continue reading

Treading Water

“Leslie, where did you go?”

“Hi, are you taking appointments again yet?”

“Soooo…long time, no see….”

The approaches have come over and over during the last couple of months, and I haven’t been able to head them off before they… Continue reading

A Socially Distant Announcement

Well…now it’s May.

It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any of you, because I stopped doing massage sessions in mid-March.  I wasn’t confident that I could ensure client safety while doing massage, especially as… Continue reading

I Am NOT a Germaphobe…

I’ve recently taken a second look at some of my sanitation procedures at the office.

It’s a serious concern, and it has always been, because I spend my days in a small room very close and touching other people. … Continue reading