Treading Water

“Leslie, where did you go?”

“Hi, are you taking appointments again yet?”

“Soooo…long time, no see….”

The approaches have come over and over during the last couple of months, and I haven’t been able to head them off before they happen because people are looking for me from such a variety of places.  I’ve tried noting on my google listing and Facebook page, and there’s several blog posts and a notation on my website, and I’ve shut down the scheduler… but I still get phone calls every week.  I haven’t been the most communicative, because I’ve been adjusting and even sort of mourning my old normal way of life.

And I’m grateful that I haven’t been forgotten, but I’m still not working because the pandemic isn’t over.  It’s not even close, unfortunately, and there’s no go-to therapeutic or vaccine that would make it safe for me to spend hours on end in a small poorly ventilated room, even with just one client at a time, rebreathing the same air in a community with widespread unchecked COVID-19.  We’re in another uptick here and the mask wearing & social distancing isn’t getting better from what I see on my social media.

I know there are many other massage therapists that are open, and that it’s been legal to do so for a while. I won’t give a referral to any of them, because if it was safe I’d be doing it myself.  And I couldn’t live with it if my referral led to the illness of you or a family member.

I plan to come back, I do.  If everything goes well with some of the vaccines in stage 3 trials, it should be in the spring of 2021, or whenever there’s a widely available and effective vaccine.  I’ll be finding a new office situation and keeping in touch. Talk to you all soon.