The Biggest Massage Question – “Do I Have to Get Naked?”

Short answer
No. Absolutely not.

Long answer

You shouldn’t be left feeling exposed or chilly: if you need a blanket, there’s a fresh one available, and a table warmer that can make things comfy from under the bottom sheet. When I work on an arm, I fold the sheet back and tuck it under your arm so it’s secure. (No drafts, my friends.) I follow the same protocol for the leg. Got cold feet? Leave your socks on and I can remove them to work on your feet later – or skip the feet entirely.  Or even hook you up with special foot warming boots.

When I work on the full back, I fold the drape down at the hips. If you’re wearing underwear I’ll gently tuck the sheet around the waistband, to protect your clothes from massage oil. If you’re wearing a bra, I’ll work around it, or unhook it with your permission while you’re face-down, and then put it back before you turn over. If you’re wearing a tank top or shorts or long johns, I’ll work through it. I know plenty of very effective massage techniques that can be administered over clothing. If I feel I can’t effectively treat your issue or use every single technique through the clothing you’ve chosen to wear, I’ll tell you, and we’ll figure out another approach.

Please know that I don’t care, and I’m not judging you. This massage is about you and it’s important you feel comfortable. For some people that means leaving some clothing on. For others, it means taking it all off. There is no right or wrong, this is your massage.

Enjoy your next massage!

Photo of a massage client face down on the table, with a sheet draping them at the hips. The therapist's hands are touching the back over the spine.

I’ve got you covered!