New Year, New Circumstances…

So I had a pretty interesting holiday season – but the most important thing that happened with me was a discovery of a medical issue that will require surgery.  This was unexpected and unfortunately I’ve been less than successful at finding full coverage within my space for the time that I will be out.  I would rather leave my practice in the hands of someone I am confident will take excellent care of my clients during the time they are available rather than someone who I’m not as familiar with who may be available for more hours.


Paula Williams and I went to massage school together, I have seen her many times since then as a massage client, and she took advanced certification in Thailand after graduating with me at Cortiva Institute – Florida.  She is highly skilled and I recommend booking an appointment!  There will be limited availability – on Saturdays, starting after I leave, with possibly a few other days scattered throughout the month depending on her availability and demand.  If that schedule does not work for you, please call the front desk at LW Hair Studio & Spa at 813-409-3861 because I have left a list of referrals to other local therapists that I trust and respect who will do their best to accommodate you while I am out. Please understand that these other therapists have existing practices, with clients who are booked already, so whether it is on Saturdays with Paula or other days with therapists from other businesses you will need to book in advance.

My last day before the surgery will be January 9th, 2014.  I will be massaging again as soon as I am able to do so on the advice of my doctor and will try to keep my clients up to date with my anticipated return date.  The doctor has said that I will need to stay off my feet for at least 4-6 weeks, but that will depend on how I heal.  Please stay tuned on my facebook page or with the staff of LW Hair Studio & Spa – they have been really great and supportive.

Thank you for your understanding.

Leslie Forrester