I’m back at work and doing well

Hello everyone!

I want to thank you all for sticking with me through my medical leave and recovery period.  I’m back 4 days a week, a schedule I’ll keep through the end of the summer, and then get back to the 5 days a week the spa is open.  So if you want to reach me for an appointment, I’m there Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  Overall I feel pretty good and am building up my stamina after surgery.

I learned a lot through my diagnosis and treatment.  I am a fan of non-invasive treatment, I think massage therapy is wonderful.  But It is only one part of overall wellness.  I had a very severe migraine which I attempted to treat with massage & other means.  But when it did not get better, I sought other methods.  When my primary care physician expressed concern and ordered diagnostic tests, I did them.  When they found the problem, I didn’t hesitate and had surgery.  I had wonderful treatment from the USF Neurosurgery Department – Dr. Agazzi and his team at Tampa General fixed me right up.

So if you’ve been asked to have diagnostic tests, please please please take it seriously.  If they hadn’t found the issue when they did, I could have woken up paralyzed one day in the not to distant future.  Can massage treat migraine?  Yes, in some cases.  It’s worth it to try, because an hour or so on a massage table is a pleasant first step.  And if the migraine is being caused or worsened by muscle tension, you may find great relief.

End of lecture.  Thanks for the support of my clients, friends, and colleagues through all this.