We’ve arrived!

The first weekend is under our belts.  The reaction to the new office has been very positive, once the clients got there.  I’ve ordered some flags to place at the front entrance of Park Place, which should help; I got home from work and they were sitting at my front door (too late for the first few clients, but it should help in the future).

Park Place SignQLMT sign at door

There are still lots of little things getting settled, but we are open for business and that’s really the important thing.

I’ve had many people asking me why I moved, what I hope to accomplish, and what’s next for me?  This is a blog post, not a vision board – but I am attempting to help other massage therapists while expanding my own business.  Originally I had planned to start this portion of my business plan in late 2015, but then last year I had to shut down for a couple of months (my next blog post will talk about this in more detail) so I pushed it back to late 2016, to give me time to catch up.

Note that it is not now late 2016.

You’ve heard that the best way to make God laugh is to make a plan?  Yeah, that happened.

The wonderful place that I had been located for the last three+ years decided not to renew their lease, and all the great people who worked there had to make other plans.  I’d had my eye on some places in the Riverview area for some time – it’s more accessible than the Brandon/Valrico area of Lithia Pinecrest Road, and I have been an active member of the Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce for years.  So I was already part of this community, and already had a great client base and relationships with other area business owners here.

Rather than move twice in two years, I decided to close my eyes and go for it.  I brought with me the fantastic aesthetician from my old place, and expanded to several more treatment rooms.  I’ve taken an office and created a zen little spa, one that is pretty without being too feminine, and I look forward to welcoming more massage therapists part time into the other treatment rooms.

QLMT Leslie's roomqlmt Cindy's room

One of the big reasons that I expanded was to help other therapists have a place to see clients in the beginning of their journeys as business owners without the incredible overhead of having lease on a private space full time.  You may see a series of independent massage therapists “grow up” their practices within Quality Life Massage Therapy – that was my intention from the very beginning; to improve the Quality of Life for my clients, myself, and my profession.

It helps me to “grow up”, too.  One thing I’m also doing is participating in a blogging challenge this year, and this is the first in a series of blogs you’ll see much more regularly in 2015.  It’s only one piece of business building I’m doing this year.  I hope you enjoy.