New Massage offerings for August – Bamboo Fusion

Bamboo Fusion


Hello, everyone!  I just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking the first week in August off!  During that time, I will be studying Bamboo Fusion!  What is that?  Good question.

From the website of the founder of Bamboo Fusion (I’m studying directly with her, by the way) –

Bamboo has been introduced into rituals for life energy, sexuality and fertility for thousands of years. Today, these ancient rituals have been reintroduced by modern spas through bamboo massage therapy, which incorporates bamboo in deep tissue massage.
Bamboo Defined
Bamboo is a woody plant with hollow stems. It can grow a foot in 24 hours, which makes it an important renewable resource.
A massage therapist uses warmed bamboo stalks of varying sizes and diameter to apply a deep tissue massage by kneading the muscles with the bamboo stalks. Not only does this sooth sore muscles, but it also increases circulation and aids in providing a sense of deep relaxation.
Using special massage oils, the therapist rolls the stalks evenly over the client’s muscles, which is warming and relaxing. As a method of stress management, bamboo massage also can help with migraines, arthritis and respiratory problems.

But what is it really?  An awesome technique to introduce heat directly into the massage in a focused and meaningful way, one that is safer, more versatile, and easier than Hot Stone Massage.  There are a variety of heated bamboo tools used in the massage, and deeper pressure can be applied within the relaxing heat of the tools than with the therapists hands alone.

SO.  That is really cool, and I’m soooo excited that I want to pass the excitement on to you!  What can you do to catch some of my excitement?  Any appointment in August booked directly with me – either in person, via email or on the phone, (you can’t schedule it through the spa front desk) can receive a complimentary upgrade to Bamboo Fusion!  Normally this will be an extra fee – so jump on your chance to take advantage.  Call me at 813-735-2476 or contact me for details.

Disclaimer- Like I said I will be gone the first week in August so these appointments are only available August 7th – August 31st and must be mentioned at the time you are scheduling the appointment.