Vacation Stress

Too many times, your vacation causes more stresses than it solves.  We all have an idealistic vision of our vacation… sitting idle at the beach, watching the tide come in from between our flip-flops, with a frosty beverage by your side.

However, that isn’t reality. That is a vision brought to you by Corona.  Reality is more like crowds standing in line, stress from your kids pulling you in five directions at once, and watching your bank account take a hit you aren’t sure you can afford.  How many times have you thought…. I need a vacation from this vacation?

All too often we decide we are just going to skip it.  Life gets in the way and work gets crazy busy.  Someone needs braces and the car needs a new set of tires.  However, that doesn’t do anything for your stress level and relieving the day to day grind of  your life.

So take a short time for yourself, even if it is just a single day.  But make it a truly relaxing day, one that is just for you.  Start out with a massage. You can start your 60 to 90 minute vacation by simply calling me at 813-735-2476 or the spa front desk at 813-409-3861 to schedule today.  Seriously, do it now. You deserve it.