Teach Yourself to Relax

Last week I had a very rewarding event – Teacher Appreciation Day at my son’s elementary school.  I got together with two other local massage therapists and offered chair massage to the employees – teachers, administrators, bus drivers and custodial staff all came.  Not everyone showed up; some people couldn’t find the time, even though we were there from 8 am to 5 pm.  For more than a few, it was their first experience with massage therapy.We had a blast, and so did the teachers (and others).  I wondered about the people who couldn’t find the time to get there.  Doesn’t it make you more effective in your daily life when you take some time for yourself?  A stress free Leslie definitely gets more done than crazy-run-ragged-stressed-out Leslie.  So I have learned to take a few moments to relax throughout my week.  A long bath with a book.  A pedicure or beauty treatment.  Meditation or stretching.  I try to do something for myself to mark a moment of freedom; even if it is just to push away from the computer, close my eyes and rotate my head in a circle slowly to stretch my neck.  Take that particular moment NOW.Don’t you feel better?  If it wasn’t enough, you can call 813-735-2476 or 813-409-3861 to schedule an appointment with me for a full hour of massage.  It will make you more effective in what you do to do it with less pain and stress.