FREEDOM…Looks like school has started.

Famous Braveheart Image For all the moms (& dads) who had kids at home all summer, this is how we feel.

All of a sudden, you have time to take a breath.  The kids are off at school for a few hours and you look around trying to figure out what to do for all that time you spent running after them and entertaining all summer long.  Don’t worry, your life and chores and errands will expand to fit the available time; but now, right now, when you are still readjusting to the new normal of the school year – find a new habit that is just for you.  One that takes care of yourself.  Not surprisingly, I recommend that you try out massage as a regular part of your routine.  It is amazing how much more focused you will be when your mind is cleared of stress, your body is cleared of muscle tension and pain, and you’ve got a new indulgence that won’t make you feel guilty and even possibly fat later.  Soon it won’t feel like an indulgence; you’ll wonder what took you so long to get into massage as a part of your total wellness package.

Massage isn’t for you?  Well, if you are dead set against it I’m not sure what you are doing here on my massage therapy website.  But there are lots of things that could be time just for you and be mentally and/or physically satisfying.  I take my massage time myself but I also make sure I keep my body strong and flexible through exercise.  Specifically, Pilates.  My trainer, Dawn, sees me weekly and I have gotten to really look forward to the time I spend on myself with her – usually we do private lessons but if I’m feeling particularly energetic I might also go to her boot camp.  I also indulge my mind through regular trips to the library.  Some people scrapbook.  Not me.  But some people.  I kind of admire those people.  Kind of.

If you feel like you might want to slip massage into your routine now, during this change when school has started, call me at 813-735-2476 to talk about a time that works best for you.  I offer a truly indulgent yet therapeutic experience; you get your full time hands-on – no 50 minute “spa hour”s here at Quality Life Massage Therapy.  Call me to find out the other differences and how you can add some quality to your life through massage.