Planning for the Holidays

You can feel the chill in the air (what, I know it’s only in the seventies, but for Florida, that’s a chill!) and all the stores are full of candy and cheap costumes.  It’s the time of the year when you feel a bit like you are headed towards a cliff and you have a sinking feeling that the mushy break pedal is about to fail.

Holidays.  It’s in the air.

Some people absolutely love this time of year, looking forward to family time and gatherings and all the holiday music.  To some people, this is a time of year filled with stress and debt.  I usually come down somewhere in the middle, actually.  But there are some legitimate stressors that come along with the last couple of months in the calendar, and maybe, just maybe, you can do what I swear I’m going to do every year but very rarely actually accomplish.

Plan for it.

Seems simple, right?  You know that there are going to be additional demands on your time and wallet, just go ahead and try to make a plan.  Maybe you need to prebook your “me time” and put it on the calendar now.  Maybe you need to go ahead and start thinking about gifts for loved ones & friends.  Can anyone say “Layaway?”

I can.  If you want to give a gift that isn’t going to take up any space in the house, isn’t going to add inches to the waist, and is going to be appreciated, think massage gift cards.  You can buy them now.  If you want one, great.  If you can think of more than one person who could use a gift like that, I have even better news for you.  You can buy a package of massages and break them up into individual gift cards; that reduces the overall cost.  And this year, I’m going a step further for those lovely planners out there.  I’m rolling out a massage gift card layaway plan.

You can break the payment up for your gift package into three payments, one each month between now and the holiday season.

This is the way the packages work:

Buy 4, get 1 free.

Buy 10, get 3 free.

You can break up these values into gift cards of any amount, so you can give people individual massages or you can give people half packages, whole packages, or whatever you want.  If you want to pay for it in layaway installments, awesome; give me a call and we can do it over the phone, or I will send you a monthly invoice if you like.  If you change your mind or find out that an intended recipient doesn’t want massage (why not, is my question?), it’s no problem – you can get the money back minus a 5% service charge.

Don’t forget yourself – wouldn’t it be nice to face the holidays without feeling like a big ball of stress?

To make appointments, discuss packages or layaway, or just to chit-chat…. call me at 813-735-2476.  Because it’s not a Quality Life without Massage.