Getting Smarter All the Time

How are you supposed to find a great therapist in all the choices that you have available?  I practice in Florida, which is the state in the US with the most massage therapists licensed.  To make matters even more crowded, I’m in the Tampa Bay market – so LMT’s are pretty thick on the ground around here.  I know I’m not going to get clients just by hanging out my shingle and unlocking the door.

One thing you can do as a client to find a therapist who will be qualified and a great match for you is to look to the professional massage therapy organizations.  I’m a member of the AMTA and the FSMTA (American Massage Therapy Association & the Florida State Massage Therapy Association), so you know there is a commitment to the future of massage in general and to my own career.  Those organizations also make it possible to search by modality or type of massage – so if you are looking for something specific, like Thai Massage or Pregnancy Massage, you can search that way.

Those organizations also sponsor educational opportunities, so that LMT’s can keep their own practices and massage evolving.  The FSMTA is sponsoring a conference coming up in June, and I am looking forward to taking classes in Sports Massage and Bamboo Massage.  The AMTA also has an annual conference, where they offer classes and continuing education,

Finding a therapist who works in areas that are what you need is just the first step.  Call, visit websites, and check the reviews online.  If you find someone who meets your needs on paper, go in for a chat and meet them; some people just connect.  Then schedule an appointment – I hope you will contact me soon.