I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me…

There are several different very common issues I see often in my practice; you probably are contributing to one or two yourself RIGHT NOW.  Freeze and look at your posture.  If you are sitting at a desk, is your back straight, or are you leaning off to the side with your head resting in your left hand while your right surfs the internet?  Feet on the floor, or is one of them tucked up under you?  Slumped shoulders?  Head forward?  I thought so.

No, I’m not looking through your webcam, it’s just that everyone does it.  No one, not even a Marine, has the ideal perfect posture that our moms nagged us about and massage therapists learned on our charts.  The most common thing I have seen is that pain or burning between your shoulder blades – those muscles are pulled long and constantly stretched, while the front muscles (your pecs) are short and weak.

Those pecs are losing the tug of war, and that’s where you and your massage therapist get together to fix it.  Two or three times a day, for three minutes, do a doorway pec stretch.  If you stretch out and develop that area, you can help make the tug of war more even and the pain will usually ease up.  Good luck and good stretching!