Hi, my name is Leslie and I’m a massage therapist.

Hi, my name is Leslie and I’m a massage therapist.

(Hi, Leslie…)

Okay, yes, I’m a massage therapist and a business owner. I’m not a web designer and I’m not always the most savvy with all things website or wordpress – I have Irma from ID Marketing and Events and Kelli from Pint-Sized Sites for those particular skill sets. However, I do know about enough to be dangerous – and I like to try to be productive and active, which I tried to do about a month ago.

And I killed the website.

Without a backup.


So I lost a few blog posts, and if it looks like I only blogged once in the last 12 months, that would be why. I need to make copies of things, always. These are the lessons you learn, and the everyday things that stress you out. I’ll tell you what, I sure did need a massage after that day of awfulness. I went and got a massage and got on the horn with the help desk and with Irma (thank you, Irma!) and the site is back up. It has been for a few weeks. I’ve been a little busy in massageland to actually go and UPDATE the blog, even to explain this, but…


I’ve been working hard to try to get the online gift certificate function to work in time for Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday May the 8th. I don’t exactly think it’s going to be ready. But IF you would like a gift certificate for a massage, you can always call or text the business like at 813-501-7568 and I will email you one – that’s if I don’t get the online gift certificates ready. Which is looking pretty much like how it’s going to be. I do always have gift cards available in the shop as well, but I know that’s not the best for all the last minute gifting in the world.

I’d like to conclude this blog post with a short list of all the Mom’s for whom it might be appropriate to get a massage gift certificate:

Your Mom.
The mother of your children.
The step-mom of your children.
Or your own step mother.
The single mom you are good friends with.
The lady you know who has taken you in since your mom isn’t around.
The mother of your fur-babies since you don’t have children.
Adoptive moms.
Foster moms.

Happy Mother’s Day, ladies. Thanks for all that you do.

Me, my mom, and my sister. Happy Mother's Day!