These 10 people don’t want a Quality Life Massage Therapy gift certificate this holiday season.

Massage isn’t the perfect gift for everyone in every situation.  Holiday time is a big gifting tradition, and there are some people that a gift certificate for massage from Quality Life Massage Therapy just….wouldn’t work for.  Here’s a quick rundown of the people who don’t want this in their stocking.

  1. Already has a favorite massage therapist, and it’s not me. Hey, I’m not trying to horn in on a relationship that works – If your friend or loved one has an existing massage therapist that they rave about and see regularly, get them a gift certificate there. If they USED to see someone but stopped/let their membership at a chain lapse/ their old therapist moved… that’s a different story.
  2. Has a phobia of people touching them. You might love getting massage, but this person bathes in Purell, stiffens up when being hugged or flat out says, “Don’t Touch Me.” Guess what?  This isn’t a good gift you are considering, it’s a bundle of anxiety and backstory they probably don’t want/need to get into.  Just go with the fruit basket or a nice restaurant gift card.
  3. Lives inconveniently far away. You know they love massage, you know they’ve been looking for a therapist…. but they live in Weeki Watchi. Just don’t… I’m inconvenient.  Try to find them a therapist closer to home – or ask me for a referral to someone further up towards them.  I know a lot of people.
  4. Super ticklish. Most people who think of themselves as super ticklish are actually just fine to receive a massage…but it has happened that the power of ticklishness has defeated my ability to relax someone. If they are RENOWNED for being ticklish, you should maybe not give a massage as a gift for a big gifting holiday.  Try a random Tuesday just because, if you both think it’s a good idea.
  5. Only available in the evenings during the week. This is the person that you know that needs to relax, but has a tiny window of time every other Friday at 8:17 pm. If our schedules don’t align, that gift card isn’t a gift, it’s a frustration.  When in doubt, ask.  My website has pretty clear hours of when I am available, so that helps.
  6. Has a serious expectation for a different gift (or has given you specific instructions for another present). I’m not here to distract her from the fact that you still haven’t bought her a ring. Or that you didn’t listen when she specifically told you she wanted Disney tickets. I know that she’s not going to like the massage if she was expecting me to be Donald Duck!
  7. They haven’t used the last one. They may not want to tell you WHY they haven’t used it – and please don’t ask me whether they have, since I don’t discuss one client with another, even if the client bought the certificate for the other. But if you know they haven’t used the first one, don’t pile on and get them a second one.
  8. Tends to think of the Amsterdam red light district when they think of massage. Yeah….this isn’t a thing. Please don’t put any of us in that position – get a gift certificate to the Olive Garden and let them fondle the breadsticks, thanks.
  9. They have serious health issues that could prevent them from receiving massage. You might not know but there are some things like a history of blood clots that make it a problem to receive massage. There are some things that were once rumored to be a problem (first trimester of pregnancy, cancer) but actually aren’t.  When in doubt, ask us.
  10. You don’t like them. The fact is, massage helps people feel better, relax, and can increase flexibility. Neurotransmitters that make people feel excellent, like Oxytocin and Dopamine, are released by massage.  They’re probably going to be very happy with their gift (unless they fall into one of the above categories), so if you’ve got some sort of grudge against them, a rivalry you want to keep going…get them something different.  Because they’re probably going to love you for your gift.

Ready to go ahead and get that gift massage?  Just head to the instant gift certificates for massages with Leslie and you have one thing done on your shopping list.  Want to buy a bunch?  I have packages of 6 that can be split into gift certificates, just contact me.